Play Ball for Windows 10


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You are the GM and coach of a baseball team with a salary cap. You have to figure out the best way to distribute your talent. Play practice games to refine your team to the best combination of talents. When you are ready, put your team up against challengers online who can challenge you to a game anytime, whether you are online or not. Watch the pitch-by-pitch results of these games at your pace, or skip to the important parts. Scout out good opponents for you to challenge by analyzing their statistics. Once you are convinced your team is a finely tuned winning machine, join a league to flex your team's muscle, fantasy style. Analyze your opponents and coach your team to take advantage of their weaknesses. Prove that you are the ultimate baseball genius!

Play Ball does require minimal access to your Microsoft account to uniquely identify you for online features and most of the features in Play Ball require you to be online.

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